Gov’t Launches Job Site for Unemployed


While President Obama decided to mark Labor Day by announcing an ambitious plan to spend $50 billion to improve the nation’s infrastructure and create new jobs in the process, another government agency announced a more subtle approach for helping job seekers.

The Department of Labor launched a new job site Monday called My Skills My Future, which is designed to be a comprehensive resource for Americans looking for work. The site combines job listings from around the country with postings about training programs related to your desired profession.

The front page of the site is designed much like, and simply prompts users to type in their current or previous position in order to find similar jobs listings on the market. The results are grouped together into smaller categories. So if you type in “teacher,” you’ll see listings for teacher assistants, special education teachers, residential advisers and more. Once you click on any of these categories, you’ll find dozens and sometimes hundreds of related job listings. This way, you won’t have to sort through job listings you’re not interested in, and won’t miss postings for the jobs you really want.

Perhaps best of all, there is a link next to each position that directs you to training programs that could help you become a better candidate for that job. Most are two or four-year university programs.

Aside from being an impressively designed site (by government standards), My Skills My Future is undoubtedly a good advertisement for the government’s efforts to boost employment around the country. Nearly every profession is represented here and all have ample job listings, which serves as a valuable reminder that jobs are out there and Americans just need to know where to look. And the Department of Labor just made that task easier.

If you’re a computer software engineer, this site has hundreds of listings for private and public companies including Apple, Dell and IBM. The same is true if you work as a roustabout on an oil rig or as a journalist (ahem).

My Skills My Future isn’t the only new job site to launch this year, but it may actually give the others a run for their money.

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