GM Extends Refund Program to Jan. 4


Still want to take advantage of that General Motors refund promotion? You're in luck. The auto company just gave the program a 60-day extension.

"May the Best Car Win," which gives every customer the opportunity to get a refund on any new GM vehicle within 31 to 60 days after the purchase, began on Sept. 14 and was originally intended to last only until Nov. 30.

According to a company press release, the deal will now run until Jan. 4, thanks to the program's popularity so far.

“The campaign is getting the word out about how good GM’s new products are,” Jay Spenchian, executive director, Marketing Strategy, said Thursday during a media update on the marketing campaign. “We’ve seen positive coverage and increased awareness of launch products like the Buick LaCrosse and GMC Terrain.”

Last week, GM announced that only 15 vehicles had been returned as a part of the "May the Best Car Win" program in what the company labeled as a huge success and a reinforcement of the brand's quality.

According to the Associated Press, consumers have been leery of the Detroit company since it filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year. With a new CEO, GM is hoping to reinvigorate their brand and change public opinion of the company.

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