Get an STD Test, Win a Foursquare Badge


You could be Mayor of your local STD clinic!

Through the end of September, Foursquare users can “check in” when they go to the clinic to get tested for STDs. In return, they will receive a virtual “badge” affirming that they’ve been tested (though thankfully, the badge won’t communicate the results of your test).

The program is a collaboration between Foursquare and MTV, as part of the latter’s “GYT: Get Yourself Tested” campaign, which aims to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases among young people. While telling the world that you’ve just been tested for herpes may seem like oversharing, that seems to be the point — MTV wants to eliminate the stigma associated with going to the clinic. As an added incentive, one badge-holder will be picked for a trip for two to MTV studios in New York.

Foursquare is a social networking platform that allows users to communicate their whereabouts to friends through their smartphone’s built-in GPS system. Users can “check in” at such establishments as restaurants and bars, and receive virtual badges the more they visit. Participating establishments may reward patrons for frequent check-ins. The most frequent visitor at a given establishment is appointed “mayor” until he or she is unseated by another Foursquare user.

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