Get a Piece of Green Job Growth


Regardless of the current color of your collar, green jobs are a growth market. Here’s what you need to know to secure your piece of the $20 billion from President Obama’s economic stimulus bill being devoted to green jobs.

Consider Switching to Science

If you’ve been thinking of switching careers to a more science-related field, now is the time. In all, the stimulus bill provides $787 billion in aid to help create jobs. The so-called “green collar” jobs and job training supported by the stimulus include solar panel installation, building wind turbines and increasing home energy efficiency.

Training Funds Exist

About $500 million in stimulus money is tagged for green job training, according to Vice President Joe Biden. More than $7.5 million dollars in funding is being specifically devoted to war veterans to provide them with green jobs and training.

Competitive Salaries: Check

As many Americans continue to lose their jobs, and after their emergency, college and retirement savings have dwindled, the standard of living for middle class families is expected to rise thanks to green jobs since they’re estimated to pay 10% to 20% more than other jobs, according to the Council of Economic Advisers. They also promote energy efficiency, at home, at schools and at work, cutting overall energy costs.

Some of the Greenest States

In June, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said $20 million in government incentives and grants would be devoted to the state’s Green Corps, which will help place at least 1,000 at-risk youth aged 16 to 24 into green jobs over the next 20 months.

Policies to protect the environment are expected to create up to 114,000 jobs and lead to as much as $25.3 billion in additional annual revenue in the state.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education and its National Research Center for Career and Technical Education says it will provide the states of Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio and Oregon with assistance in developing green career and technical education programs. The programs are expected to promote green energy, utilities and waste management as well as environmentally-friendly agriculture, construction and transportation.

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