Get A Better Night's Sleep for Less


Getting eight hours of sleep not only boosts your health, it also ups your job performance (and in turn, job security).

A study from The Better Sleep Council shows that sleep deprived employees have poorer decision making skills and memory problems, and their work quality dips, too. The council estimates sleep deprivation costs $150 billion a year in productivity.

Because a good night’s sleep helps you bring game nine to five, we’ve listed our top budget-friendly bedroom luxuries that ensure you get your Zzzz’s on every night. Your bedroom will feel like a presidential suite, and you won't have to spend a fortune for an amazing night's sleep.

1. Luxe springs. Great R&R starts with a sweet mattress. We’re eyeing this 11-inch queen size with memory foam. It’s a steal at $500 (down from $950, and the shipping is just $2.95 for ground. If that’s too much of a splurge, test-drive this Serta topper, with three-inch memory foam for $54 (down from $279).

2. Chic linens. We can’t help it—we’re suckers for über soft cotton sheets. This four-piece queen set from Macy’s comes in at a luxurious 400 thread count for just $40. If you lean toward brand names, we found a Lauren by Ralph Lauren (Stock Quote: RL) style massively reduced at Bloomingdales, at $140 total for flat and fitted sheets, plus two pillowcases.

3. Warm covers. Sunbeam’s Royal Retreat Microplush Heated Blanket keeps you toasty warm and wrapped in luxury. The queen size in red has dropped to $73 (from $220), and you can also save by selecting the full or twin size to supplement your other beddings.

4. Plush robe. Sure, you can spring for Frette (at upwards of 600 bucks for certain styles) or you can kick back, relax and count your savings with a Ralph Lauren cotton-terry unisex number for under $90 (a drop from $150). We’re also hooked on these cushiony spa socks for a reasonable $7.

5. Body pillow. True, snuggling with a loved one is ideal, but this cuddly feather-filled body pillow doesn’t snore, kick or talk in its sleep. At $44, you’ll happily sleep on your own side of the bed.

6. Scented bed fragrance. A splash of lavender linen spray onto your sheets is said to be relaxing. We’re spritzing this scent from Avon Home Fragrance (Stock Quote: AVP), just more than $10 with shipping.

A bonus for over-sleepers: Concerned your new suite might be a little too sweet to leave in the morning? Consider a foolproof alarm clock. MainStreet likes the $24.99 Flying Alarm Clock. It starts with a siren-style alarm, then fires a propeller-driven key into the dark. You’ve got to get out of bed to find it and put it back into the clock to get the noise to stop. At that point, we’re pretty sure you’ll be awake.

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