Get a 14-Piece Utensil Set for $6


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – One of the first things you realize when you start cooking is that you really do need to have some specialized utensils. You can’t use a fork to flip your eggs; a regular wooden spoon isn’t really suitable for serving spaghetti and if you’re serving soup, you can only use a coffee mug for so long before you break down and buy a ladle.

So if you’re just starting out and need to stock your kitchen with the essential utensils, today’s deal of the day on could be up your alley. For just $1.99 plus shipping and handling you get an 8-piece utensil set that includes two spatulas (one slotted, one not), a potato masher, a ladle, a noodle spoon, a large spoon, a large slotted spoon and a wide slotted spoon.

Like most of the products on these daily deal sites, we can’t vouch for the quality of the set, which normally retails for $14.99. There’s no brand name that we can see, so for all we know the spoons are going to melt the first time you put them in boiling water. But it’s only $2, and with standard shipping around $3.99, it’s only a $6 risk.

The deal expires at midnight PDT, so if you’re sick of using your fists to mash potatoes, act fast.

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