Gas Tank Math: Where Do Your Wheels Rate?


With gas prices averaging $4 a gallon nationally, it’s time to make sure you’re getting the most out of every dollar you spend at the pump. MainStreet compared some of the most popular vehicle models of 2008, ranging from SUVs and midsized vehicles to compacts, motorcycles and Vespas, and then calculated the cost to fill up.

Not surprisingly, Vespas and Harley-Davidsons (HOG) are the most attractive, even if the required helmet is not. The price to fill up the mammoth tanks of a Ford Expedition (F), Chrysler Aspen (DAI) or the luxury car Lamborghini Gallardo exceeds the whopping $92 required to fill the 23-gallon tank of a 2008 Hummer H3 (GM). Previously affordable midsized cars like the Honda Accord (HMC) might be worth trading in for a Lexus (TM) or Mini Cooper, the latter’s lower MPGs likely meriting the initial extra investment.

As gas prices are crippling the average American, it may be wise to take a hint from Europe and fill America’s streets with the more soothing hum of Vespas, rather than the roar of car engines.

Click here and see how the fuel-needing wheels line-up when it comes to pump prices.

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