Funeral Home Piled Bodies in Garage


Instead of six feet under, one funeral home thought the nearest parking space would do.

A Maryland funeral home had its licensed revoked on Monday after investigators found 40 bodies “haphazardly piled” in their garage. The bodies were awaiting cremation, and apparently the funeral home thought it didn’t make a difference where they were stored.

According to The Baltimore Sun, “The inspector was reviewing a refrigerated area located in a garage structure that houses the crematory. The inspector noticed a ‘large pile, approximately 12 by 12 feet, of body bags containing human remains strewn on the floor of the garage in front of a removal van. There was visible leakage from the body bags as well as a pungent odor.’”

The Baltimore Sun also notes that one of the employees told the inspector not to “get upset about all the bodies” in the garage. Really? What response should a person have when they stumble upon a pile of dead people?

The owners are preparing to fight to regain their license in court. I can’t wait to hear their defense on this one. But if I were them I’d be more concerned about the families of the “victims” getting lawyered up.

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