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Tax season is looming and many Americans are wondering when they’re going to get something back from Uncle Sam.

Well, Uncle Sam may not have anything for you, but the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators has a website where you can see if the government is holding money that belongs to you.

The site,, provides the cash-strapped, clever  and the just, plain curious with a way to get their hands on more than $32.8 billion in unclaimed assets such as savings accounts, checking accounts and life insurance policies for free.

Simply log on to, plug your first and last name into the fields along with the state where you reside. Click on the magnifying glass on the right of your screen and let it go.

Within minutes, you’ll be sent to a list of people whose names are similar to the one you entered, each of which represents an unclaimed asset. You’ll also see an indicator on the far right of the screen that tells you if the amount is greater or less than $100.

If you see yourself (a long-dead relative), just click on the name and you’ll be prompted to disclose whether or not you can claim the money. If the assets listed are yours, great. You’ll be able to claim them. If not, you either stake your claim as the legal heir of whoever owned those assets, opt out or be prompted to e-mail someone who is eligible to claim the cash.

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