Five Ways Your Tax Refund Can Save The Earth


The Rebates are Coming! The Rebates are Coming!

President Bush says the tax rebates will begin arriving in citizens’ bank accounts via direct deposit as soon as today, April 28, and that paper checks are now scheduled to be mailed May 9. Both dates are earlier than previously announced.

In total, between now and July, approximately 111 million households will receive a check from the government of up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for married couples, distributed in hopes of stimulating the lagging U.S. economy.  In the honor of the eco-friendly paperless filers who stand to get money back first, here are some ways to put some your stimulus package greenbacks to work.

1. Electric Lawn Mower

Ditch the toxic gasoline fumes, and opt for an electric lawn mower. Cordless battery powered mowers are available in a range of prices, sizes, and strengths. Electric mowers aren’t only good for the atmosphere; they’re good for your ears, too, as they emit less sound than the average washing machine. Visit Consumer Search, to compare models. Prices begin around $230.

2. Luau Portable Lamp

The mobile vessel is part portable lantern, part table lamp and is ultra low-energy. Made from impact-resistant polypropylene, its rechargeable batteries will provide stylish ambiance for up to 10 hours. It costs $199.

3. Electricity Monitor

Find out exactly how many kilowatts of energy are expended playing Guitar Hero (ATVI) or watching Finding Nemo (DIS) in high definition. The Kill A Watt P4400 costs $22.89, so take that tax rebate a buy one for each major outlet.

4. Eclipse Solar Powered Messenger Bag

With solar panels prominently displayed on the outer flap, this bag allows you to power up your iPod (AAPL)  and BlackBerry (RIMM) on the go and straight from the sun (with a standard 12V car socket). Bag prices begin at $130.

5. Can O’ Worms

You no longer need a backyard to compost with this odorless, stacked composting system that costs $125. Start recycling that organic kitchen waste and make nutrient-rich natural fertilizer to make your garden truly green.

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