Facebook & FTC Join to Fight Stimulus Scams


Facebook and the Federal Trade Commision are working together in order to eliminate online scams related to the stimulus package.

In a press conference held this morning, Eileen Harrington, the acting director of the Commission’s Bureau of Protection, said that Facebook and other web companies have agreed to help the commission identify bogus ads and remove them.

Ads for these scams, which promise to give consumers access to “government grants” made possible through the stimulus plan in exchange for bank and credit card information, have shown up on Facebook, Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) and other sites since the president signed it into law two weeks ago.

To date, Facebook has already pulled ads for scam sites such as PresidentObamaGrant.com and OfficialStimulusGrant.com. Google, which has promised to investigate, identify and remove bogus stimulus sites in accordance with the company’s own advertising policies, has not been as proactive.

“We are working with Google right now to follow up on a promise to investigate, work with us to identify ads and remove them,” Harrington said.

Harrington would not disclose which other ad services the commission is working with, but she did say they are relying on everyone to do their part.

“We’re reaching out broadly and asking for help on this,” Harrington said. “But the buck stops with the publisher.”

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