Facebook App Predicts College Admissions


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The hardest part of applying to college is the long wait to find out whether you got in, but now a new Facebook application may help eliminate that issue.

AdmissionSplash, an online app that launched this week for Facebook users, promises to help students predict which universities they have the best chance of getting into, based on academic information provided by the students.

Users simply log on to the app through their Facebook account, pick out the colleges they’d like to apply to, and enter in basic information including their SAT scores, high school GPA and any extracurricular activities they may have done, as well as that major they plan to pursue. AdmissionSplash then gives you a verdict on your chances, ranging from “very poor” to “great.”

The app was designed by CampusSplash, a startup that produces educational tools, and its accuracy was tested with applications from several hundred students who had already been accepted to several universities including University of California Los Angeles and New York University. According to its creators, the app correctly predicted which students would get into NYU 91% of the time and for UCLA 97% of the time.

In essence, the app functions as a virtual guidance counselor, but needless to say it can’t be a perfect judge of your chances, since the app does not take into account your college essay, letter(s) of recommendation or how you perform in an interview.

Still, if you enter your academic info and find out that your chances are very poor, it may be a good indication not to waste the time or money submitting your application to that school and instead focus your efforts on universities where you have a better chance.

For now, AdmissionSplash can only be used to predict your chances for getting into an undergraduate program, but according to the company, the plan is to expand this to graduate programs, as well as medical schools and law schools.

When you’re done finding out which schools you can get into, the app lets you share the results with friends on Facebook. We strongly suggest that you keep this information to yourself, though, not only because it could be potentially embarrassing, but also because the universities you’re applying to may be able to see this post on your Facebook page. Even if AdmissionSplash says you’ll get into the school, the folks working at the board of admissions might feel differently when they see the long list of other universities you’ve been considering.

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