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Each week MainStreet takes a look at what we call Extreme Real Estate. This week we bring you: On the Road Again.

From inexpensive and restored retro-chic to full-tilt, high cost mobile opulence, motor homes and travel trailers offer campers and road trippers of all financial and stylistic stripes a home away from home.

One of the most popular and collectible vintage camper trailers is the Mercury Canned Ham that measures just 15 feet long and is shaped like, well, a tin can of ham. One gently restored 1957 model, currently located in Oklahoma City, Okla., can be had for just $4,000.

The teeny-tiny interior is wrapped in wood veneer and includes a dining booth with blue vinyl benches, a built-in bed that comfortably accommodates two and a kitchenette with the original mini-fridge, four-burner stove and separate oven. The small wardrobe and storage cubbies in every nook and cranny provide room for board games and bare essentials.

What the Canned Ham does not have is a bathroom.


RV people who prefer a private pooper and have a Ritz Carlton budget will gravitate towards the state of the art 2009 Prevost Teschner Red Star 45XLII, a 45-foot self contained land yacht chock full of lavish amenities and modern luxuries that pretty much take the camp out of camping. With an eye popping (and bank account busting) price of $1,500,000, the Red Star 45XLII is custom fitted in Germany with top grade finishes that appeal rock stars, business barons and itchy footed folks who do not care to eat weenies off paper plates.

The contemporary interior has glossy mahogany accents, inlaid wood floors, high-grade leather furniture, flat screen TVs that slide up out of consoles at the touch of a button, a full kitchen, a deluxe bathroom with a full sized shower and a stacked washer and dryer so that the owner need never suffer the indignity of visiting a laundromat.

For more information on the Canned Ham and other vintage camper trailers available for sale, go to the classifieds area of Tin Can Tourists. For more information on the Red Star 45XLIII visit HeritageCoachSalesLLC.com.

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