Employment Therapists Lend an Ear


From happy hour conversations to casual office interactions, the economy has infiltrated most aspects of our daily lives. While you can rely on friends and colleagues for empathy, you may hesitate to turn to them for heavy emotional support during a rough time at work. After all, they have their own problems.

Because more and more workers are experiencing accelerated anxiety related to stress at work, a once avoided field is experiencing a recession renaissance. Robert C. Chope, president of the employment counseling division of the American Counseling Association, told the New York Times employment therapy used to be known as "the most boring topic in psychology." Now, the demand for such therapists is attracting more interest from field professionals.

Therapists who help patients with employment issues do not perform the same function as career counselors. If you think emotional issues could be connected to your work issues, a therapist might be right for you.

As psychotherapist Dennis Palumbo explains, "I’m not a career coach in the sense that I’m going to tell you what to take out and put in your résumé, but I will help patients examine issues surrounding insecurity and why they are tentative about selling themselves.”

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