The Dumbest Robbery Victim Ever (or Dumb Like a Fox?)


It was a pretty bad afternoon for one man in Taiwan.

The 50-year-old man, who works as a gold wholesaler, was robbed of $2 million cash after withdrawing it from his bank. (If that sounds like a lot of money, just consider the fact that it was actually 77 million in his local currency, the New Taiwan Dollar.)

Apparently, he was traveling with the money to his nephew’s clock store when three masked gunmen “grabbed the huge stash of cash,” reports As if that weren’t bad enough, the robbers then shot the man’s wife in the foot before fleeing. (Must have been some nice clock he was planning to buy.)

The whole robbery took an estimated 30 seconds, meaning this guy loses money faster than Rupert Murdoch.

But the question that has yet to be answered is why anyone would withdraw so much money at one time. It’s just a theft waiting to happen. Unless, of course, the man himself engineered the theft for some reason, and had his wife shot in the foot in order to make it look real. Hey, this guy tried it.

Police are currently looking for the robbers and urging the rest of Taiwan’s millionaires to be smarter about transporting their cash.

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