Divestment Ethics: The Moola Files


NEW YORK (MainStreet) —People desire to exercise control over their money to ensure they're not funding agendas that disagree with their system of values, but that instinct gets complicated when the money is entangled in an institutional setting like a university's endowment. For this edition of The Moola Files, DailyFinance associate editor Eamon Murphy discusses the issue of divestment, which was recently called for by a student governing body at UC Berkley, a school that has investments in company's involved in the West Bank occupation. Starting with his article about SodaStream's (SODA) controversial Super Bowl commercial and the company's ties to the Israeli occupation, Murphy guides us through this newest wrinkle in the divestment issue and examines whether the antagonism that gets voiced is mere rhetoric or an actual agent of change in business.

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