DirecTV Slammed for Fees


Contracts and termination fees are a drag whether they’re from your cell phone carrier, cable provider or other servicer. But when they aren’t disclosed upfront, it can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Satellite TV provider DirecTV is facing just that type of class action lawsuit after some DirecTV subscribers were caught off-guard when canceling their service with much as $480 in unexpected fees, according to The lawsuit has been cleared to proceed by a California Superior Court judge.
The suit alleges that the satellite TV provider failed to disclose that customers would be charged a heft penalty if they canceled their service contract.

One DirectTV subscriber was even charged a $240 early termination fee when she canceled her account after hardware problems, reported. And this is just one of a number of cases where consumers were allegedly hit by the company’s deceptive practices.

Consumer Affairs says that, like some cell phone carriers, DirecTV also extended customers’ contracts each time equipment was replaced or changes were made to service.

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