Device Keeps Tabs on Your Car's Health


Executives get around by using most every mode of transporation, including cars, planes, boats and trains. Here are some devices to help them go from place to place.   CarMD


Here's a gadget to consider if you spend a lot time behind the wheel.

It's called CarMD and it's a small, hand-held device that can be used to monitor your car, truck, minivan or SUV (as long as it's no older than a 1996 model).

To operate the CarMD, turn your car on and then insert the device into the standardized 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC) on your car (all vehicles made after 1996 have DLC). Depending on the make and model of your car. It is usually located under the dashboard on the driver's side, but may be in another location. If you are driving an Asian or European import the DLC could be behind the ashtray.

Once inserted the device will display either a Green light = go, Yellow light = proceed with caution or a Red light = consult your mechanic.

You can also pre-smog test your car (or a car you are considering buying) with this device. If the CarMD reads Yellow or Red the vehicle may not pass a state emissions test.

After you have run the tests on your vehicle you need to write down the VIN number (usually located on your windshield) in order to take advantage of the CarMD online database and support. By going to the Web site and connecting the CarMD device to your PC (no Mac version) you'll be able to run a report to view the probable cause, fix, and cost to return your vehicle to health.   Pure Ear Acoustic Headphones


For mobile executives who fly a lot, a good set of headphones can mean the difference between arriving refreshed or exhausted.

The Pure-Ear Acoustic Headphones are foldable, acoustic, noise-canceling and claim to eliminate 90% of ambient noise. They are compatible with all Apple iPods, CD, DVD players and come with adaptors for the Apple iPhone, as well as, in-flight systems.

Most mobile executives would not want to loose a pair of expensive headphones so when you compare the Pure Ear price of $130 to Bose Comfort 3 price of $349, it's an easy decision to go with the former.

There is cushioning on the top of the headband for extra comfort and the ear cushions, while larger than the Bose model, fit very snug and feel comfortable. The headband is also adjustable.

The ear cushions fold up next to each other so they don't take up much space. And once folded the headphones come down to 5.5" x 4.5" and weigh 6.63 ounces.

Site to See

Photo printing at home or the office can be costly. That's why I like using a photo service like this to print out one photo (19 cents each) or as many as I want and/or need.

Easy to upload from a PC or Mac and you have the ability to order various sizes. With the cost of ink on most photo printers so high the price of printing out online is much cheaper than maintaining a printer at home or the office.


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