Delta Giving Free Wi-Fi for the Holidays


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Delta Airlines (Stock Quote: DAL) has announced a special Christmas gift to its holiday travelers: a half-hour of free access to onboard wireless Internet.

Like many airlines, Delta offers wireless Internet through a company called Gogo. But it comes at a cost: A 24-hour pass costs $11.65, and while that’s worth it for someone who intends to spend a long flight browsing the Web, it’s a bit steep if you just want to send a couple of emails and check sports scores.

That’s why the offer from Delta, which gives 30 minutes of free wireless access to passengers on 660 Delta flights, is such a great deal. A half-hour may not sound like much, but you can do a lot on the Internet during that time. You can send numerous emails, for instance, or check your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you have a fantasy team you can check current scores or tinker with your lineup. If you have a Netflix account and the connection is sufficiently fast, you can watch an episode of a television show. And you can, of course, read a few articles on MainStreet.

Whatever you decide to do, it sounds like this promotion is easy to take advantage of. According to the blog post announcing it, enter your email in the special eBay (Stock Quote: EBAY) promotion page that pops up and click a button that says “give me free Wi-Fi.” For the next half-hour, the World Wide Web is your oyster.

The free wireless offer is good through Jan. 2.

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