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NEW YORK (MainStreet) – If there’s a downside to using touchscreen smartphones like the iPhone, it’s that they’re inconvenient in the winter. The screen only responds to the touch of a finger (or other body part), so if you’re wearing gloves it won’t work. That means you either need to remove your gloves and freeze your fingers off, or use your nose, which takes serious nose-eye coordination.

In a sign of the times, a number of companies have introduced special gloves that work with a touchscreen device, allowing you to text while keeping your fingers warm. Today’s deal of the day at gives you a pair of these gloves for just $9.99, plus $4.99 shipping and handling. That’s apparently marked down from an original retail price of $29.99.

As is sometimes the case with these deal of the day sites, there’s no brand name attached to the product, so it’s hard to find reviews elsewhere. And unlike sites likes, there are no forums where users can share their past experience with the product, which means we can’t definitively vouch for the quality of the gloves. That said, we found what looks like the same pair on, and while it doesn’t get rave reviews, the consensus seems to be they work as advertised but aren’t particularly warm or high-quality. For what it’s worth, they retail for $14.99 at Amazon, so you’re getting a $5 discount by going through the deal of the day site.

If you decide to buy this pair through DailyCheckout, act fast: The deal expires at midnight EST.

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