Deal Spotlight: Staples’ 7-Day Sale


Now that school has started for most students across the country, it’s time to re-evaluate your child’s needs and head out for a second round of back-to-school shopping.

Fortunately, Staples is having a 7-Day Sale that will make that a little easier on the wallet. It started last weekend and runs through this Saturday, so there’s still a chance to get up to 70% off on all sorts of office equipment and furniture. Here are a few deals that caught our eye:

High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag
Sale: $29.99 | Regular: $59.99
You probably remembered to get your kid a backpack before the school year started, but maybe that backpack on wheels wasn’t such a big hit with the kids at school. Get him a stylish messenger bag and his social fortunes should change quickly.

Olympus E-450 Digital SLR Camera
Sale: $399.99 | Regular: $599.99
You sent your daughter off to college thinking she was going to be pre-med, but a week later, she switched her major to photography to impress the artsy guy in her dorm. Get her this camera at a $200 discount and keep the receipt in case it turns out to be a phase. 

Staples Montessa Luxura Managers Chair
Sale: $59.99 | Regular: $99.99

The orientation packet said that every dorm room came with a desk and a chair. What it didn’t say was that the chair is 20 years old, provides terrible lumbar support and has a stink that an entire bottle of Febreeze can’t conceal. Fortunately, Staples is offering this leather executive chair at 40% off, so your student can sit in the lap of luxury.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10
Sale: $29.99 | Regular: $99.99
Your little Hemingway wants to write a novel for his creative thesis, but his carpal tunnel is acting up again. Get him the latest version of the speech-to-text software at 70% off and he can dictate his masterpiece from bed.

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