Deal Spotlight: $1 Travel Comfort Pack


Today’s deal is dirt cheap and useful. Go figure! is selling what it bills as a “Luxury Travel Comfort Pack” consisting of a neck pillow, a pair of ear plugs, and a sleep mask. It’s selling for $3.19, but a user on the forums posted a coupon code that knocks it down to $.99. The code is MLCK401008110269AL1, though the user notes that this is only for the first 800 orders; after that, the code is MLCK401008110262A, which evidently only brings the price down to $1.99. I’ve confirmed that the first code still works, but there’s no way to know how many units have been sold yet, so act fast.

As for the product itself, the reviews on the site are mixed, and several users complained of air leaks in the pillow. While that would normally be enough to dissuade me, the fact that it’s only a dollar makes it worth taking the chance. It also ships free (though it’s standard shipping that could take a week or more), so your total financial risk still adds up to a measly buck.

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