The Deadliest Roads in America


If you plan to visit Montana, we suggest you only travel by foot. According to a new report, Montana has the deadliest roads in the country.

Reader’s Digest recently ranked America’s best and deadliest roads based on data from the Federal Highway Administration, which looked at the number of fatalities in each state per 100 million miles driven. According to the results, Montana actually had the third best roads in the country in terms of infrastructure and congestion, but their roads had the most drunk drivers and are supposedly filled with reckless drivers and people who “shun seat belts.”

Louisiana had the second worst roads in the country and South Carolina had the third worst. Like Montana, these two states also ranked near the top for DUI’s and South Carolina ranked as the third worst for speeding.

On the flip side, Massachusetts had the least deadly roads, followed by Minnesota and Rhode Island. New York and New Jersey also ranked among the 10 safest roads, which may come as a surprise to anyone who has ever driven on the Garden State Parkway. Meanwhile, Kansas took the number 1 spot for the state with the best maintained roads. Who’s up for a road trip to Kansas?

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