Credit Karma Now Offering Free Monitoring Service


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Those intent on improving their credit score in 2012 can get some help by visiting the website Credit Karma, which is offering free credit monitoring to all Americans starting today.

The service monitors a consumer’s credit file on a daily basis and alerts the user via email when a significant change occurs. The website will also keep a running list of important credit changes so consumers can track how their profile changes over time.

Those interested in taking advantage of the offer can sign up by creating an account on the website’s homepage, while existing Credit Karma users will simply need to opt into the service after logging into their account.

The credit monitoring is an extension of an existing service offered by Credit Karma that allows consumers to view a free version of their credit score, provided by either TransUnion or VantageScore, and its accompanying analysis when they log onto their account.

The alerts are being added as a way to help consumers “protect themselves from identity theft and credit reporting errors without being charged a monthly fee,” says Ken Lin, CEO of Credit Karma.

Examples of instances that would warrant an alert include a new credit inquiry, a delinquent payment and even an improvement in payment history.

Got a question about your credit score? Email it to and it could be answered in an upcoming Credit Q&A!

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