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NEW YORK (MainStreet)—For a period of time in the 1970s, Jim Cramer lived in his '77 Ford Fairmount. But life would have been vastly different for the Old Dog if he'd had access to apps like Carrr Matey, Parkopedia and Trapster.

So with the current buzz around the New York International Auto Show, my sister, Nicole, and I decided to run through these apps for this edition of Old Dog, New Blog to have Cramer learn how he can better locate his car, find a parking spot and avoid speeding tickets. It's a far cry from the rough-and-tumble old-school days, but it will certainly be worthwhile when he saves himself the hassle of trying to find his car at Eagles games.


Watch the episode below, and learn more from Cramer's recent LinkedIn interview about the "untethered" life in a car. Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player

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