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NEW YORK (MainStreet) —Just this morning a couple of folks were giving Jim Cramer a hard time on Twitter about fracking.

"I would have rather had a conversation than a shouting match," he said. That's why on this Old Dog, New Blog my sister, Nicole, and I recommended Branch, a way for him to leverage his Twitter accout to have lengthier conversations in a roundtable format.

And with a promoted Tweet now costing $200,000 a day, that means an individual character could be valued at $1,428.57. But why not extend the true value of a conversation--its substantive discourse--on Branch, which corrals the various Twitter users on one perch?

The true worth of leveraging user engagement as a commodity is astronomical. Just this morning, in fact, there was a rumor that Google might be willing to pay $1 billion for WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service.

The deal would be similar to Facebook's $1 billion-acquisition of Instagram, whose inherent value--with nada in sales--was the dialogue and sharability its content promotes. Watch the video below and check out The Moola Files with BuzzFeed contributing editor Rob Fishman, who discussed his piece on Branch.


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