Cramer: A Fear-Fighting Antidote


A great American, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.”

Yet fear is a commodity that America has in great supply these days, with the economy and stock market ailing. Wall Street even has an index that measures investors’ fear – it’s called the Volatility Index, created by the Chicago Board Options Exchange. This year the VIX, and investors’ pulse rates, are jumping off the hook.

Right now, Americans are looking for a haven – any haven – to protect their money and maybe make a few bucks in the process. Increasingly, those havens include bonds, bank CDs and money market instruments. They’re decent options for a new investor class called “shrinking violets” – a term coined after an appearance on the Today Show in early October when I told investors to get out of the stock market. 

So how do you fight fear, and find the best deals in the bank rate market? With good, solid information. After all, we live in an information age, where data and research are as much commodities as Barbie dolls and bowling balls. If you get the right information, and plug it into your personal financial plan, fear goes away, replaced by confidence.

That’s why I’m putting in a good word for,’s latest information portal geared toward banking and credit information online. It’s a place where risk-averse investors can get good information on banking rates that’s not available any where else – at least at the levels I’m talking about.

How so? People who think their life savings are at risk will gladly take investment returns of three or four percent on bank CD’s. The thing is, they just don’t always know where to get the best deals. That’s where comes in. It’s a one-stop shopping site for the best banking information on the web, especially for banks, CD’s and savings rates. offers a full menu of bank rate information, including:

•    The largest collection of banking rates online – on more than 78,000 financial institutions weekly for mortgage rates.

•    The most effective and efficient way to search and compare rates locally, allowing you to search for CD rates by zip code, city or state.

•    More than 1,770,000 bank rates tracked, including CD’s, savings rates, mortgage, home equity and auto loan rates, based on superior nationwide financial data and market surveys.

•    A daily mortgage rate index, including rates on 15- and 30-year fixed rate mortgages.

•    A personal finance content columns that covers the banking and insurance industries like a blanket, along with “how to” articles that give consumers actionable advice.

•    A geographical, state-by-state touch screen map that allows you to check out the best mortgage rate deals in your state, with daily updates on rates, APR, fees and points.

•    A financial resources section with web links, FAQ’s, key indices, a glossary, and online, real-time calculators for key consumer finance areas like mortgages, credit card debt, auto loans, bank CD’s, and retirement accounts.

BankingMyWay’s mission is a simple one: to offer a world-class service connecting consumers with financial institutions, while providing unbiased, local rate data. Our goal is equally straightforward: to be the leading source for online research of banking rates.

We won’t always be so preoccupied with fear. But while times are tough, the risk averse among us now have a place to go to find the best bank rates in America.

Take BankingMyWay out for a spin for yourself. Use it to arm yourself with knowledge. In the process, find out what FDR really meant about fear – that the best way to fight it was to take it out of the equation.

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