Coupon Experts Do Battle on TV


Last night, ABC’s Nightline ran an interesting piece about two extreme coupon clippers in different parts of the country. Viewers learned their methods and were treated to a face-off. Nighline provided each with $50 and then followed them around the grocery store as they did their best to stretch their budget.

The contestants were Nathan Engels of Kentucky, who runs a site called, and Jill Cataldo, who also has a Web site and writes a syndicated column for couponers.

Both were pretty impressive when it comes to saving, but Engels was some sort of a coupon savant. The guy’s garage looks like a mini Costco. He bought a three-year supply of toilet paper for $30. He’s got so much Jell-o that he was able to use the boxes to create a giant, multicolored ABC logo in his driveway. In terms of the $50 contest… well, it really was no contest.

Jill managed to bring home about $120 in groceries for just a little more than $30. Respectable. Nathan took home $526 in groceries for just more than $30. Amazing.

But as Nightline correspondent John Donvan pointed out, Jill’s shopping cart looked pretty much normal. In other words, she was buying stuff that a regular family might need during the week. Nathan was cherry picking the best deals and as a result may have bought more than he could use of certain items… perishable items in particular (he must really love tuna, Kellog’s Pops and Apple Jacks... possibly all mixed together). Still, it was fun to watch.

The entire segment is up on Nightline’s Web site.

Want to join the ranks of Jill and Nathan and become a coupon fanatic? Here are some great Web sites that aggregate the best coupons (digital and printable) to help you save.


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