Cosmic Career Change: Are You Psychic?


Think you may have an extra-sensory gift? Ready for a cosmic career change?

Not everyone puts stock in the paranormal, but it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see that many believers are willing to pay handsomely for private psychic consultations.

Phone-based professional psychics for call-in services such as California Psychics or Hollywood Psychics can make $1,500 a week (or more), plus benefits, all from the comfort of their own home.

But who exactly are the people on the other end of the line—and how can you become one of them?

When MainStreet spoke on the phone with “Jennifer” in the recruiting department at California Psychics, she said that some of their talented intuitives were pulling in more than $40 an hour—nothing to laugh at, especially if you are looking for a part-time telecommuting career.

Despite the good pay and highly flexible hours (the minimum is only ten hours per week, and the company operates 24/7), “psychic” is not a career title for the weak-hearted. The competition is fierce: According to, the recruiting web site established by California Psychics, the company only takes 2 out of every 100 applications.

Of course, in the opinion of many armchair skeptics, telephone psychics are little more than heavily promoted unlicensed therapists. But if a few jokes at your expense won’t deter you, maybe it’s time to polish up your sixth sense and apply.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Hit the Books

According to Kathy Srabian, who worked as a psychic for several years at the Psychic Contact hotline, it is important to read biographies of accomplished intuitives. Check out “as many books about people coming into their psychic ability as possible” and also read Second Sight by Judith Orloff, which Srabian recommends to aspiring psychic workers.

2. Go Back to School

Psychic schools like InVision and The Berkeley Psychic Institute offer intensive courses and certification programs. Expect to pay around $225 for a six week introductory course in “psychic energy”. Before joining any program, however, hear from past students and make sure the organization has a belief system that feels comfortable to you.

3. Apply online is now accepting online applications—if they are interested in what you have to offer, expect to hear back within 2 to 5 business days.

4. Be Prepared to Give a Cold Reading

If a hotline is interested in hiring you, they will likely ask for a cold reading. You will be asked to provide an impromptu psychic analysis for the company representative, so make sure your intuition is sharp! An off reading could put an end to your career before it even begins.

How to Phone It In: One Psychic’s Experience

Kris Cahill, a psychic who graduated from and then taught for six years at Chicago’s InVision school, is quick to point out that the best psychics, contrary to popular belief, don’t predict the future or tell a client exactly what to do.

Instead, she says the psychic’s job is to help “people find their own answers” in a way that makes sense to them, and that vibes with their current belief system.

Some additional Dos and Don’ts:

DO: Keep a clear mind. Avoid drugs and meditate for at least an hour a day.

DON’T: Force a reading. If you work as a hotline phone psychic, and a caller seems creepy to you, do not put up with it. Speak up to the manager or whoever you report to at the hotline.

DO: Offer extras. If you branch out and establish your own practice, it is nice to offer phone clients a recording of the reading, as an MP3 file or on CD.

DON’T: Judge or attempt to fix your clients. You can read with compassion and sensitivity, but avoid trying to “solve” the problems your client is going through. It’s important to remain non-judgmental as well.

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