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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Most employees are lucky if their office provides complimentary watered-down coffee, but a handful of workplaces go above and beyond with free food in the workplace.

Facebook, Google and Bloomberg all offer complimentary meals and snacks to employees, making these three of the best workplaces for hungry employees, according to a new report from job search engine that is based on more than 375,000 employee reviews on the site.

Bloomberg was praised by employees for offering “free snacks and continental breakfast” each day while Facebook received high marks for not only being generous with the number of complimentary meals, but also the creativity of those meals.

“We get breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner served up by the best chefs around. Menus change daily and my favorite to date has been the Willy Wonka themed lunch menu,” one Facebook employee wrote on Glassdoor. “Sushi day is legit too.”

The majority of companies on the list are tech businesses, which have developed a reputation in recent years for offering a wide range of office perks. The free food at Zynga, a social gaming company, looks more like a dream menu for college students than office workers, with items like pizza and beer.  LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, goes one step further: All employees need to do is write what food they want on a the company white board and it will be delivered to them.

Glassdoor combed through the thousands of reviews on its site to find the 10 companies where employees praised the food the most. Most workers probably don’t accept a job based on the food they’ll get, but the data here shows that the quality of food offered may actually be a good indicator of the overall quality of the work experience.  All of the 10 companies on this list had better than average employee morale ratings and nearly half had employees who said they were very satisfied at the company.

Perhaps the quickest way to win over an employee really is through their stomach.

Here is Glassdoor’s full list of companies with great food:

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