This College Major's Average Pay Starts at $80K


English majors worry not, your future earnings are the envy of everyone in the science library… NOT.

Actually, math majors make more money.

That not-so-surprising finding comes from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which tracks the college job market. According to NACE, it's academic: engineers are swinging the biggest starting salaries.

"There are simply more opportunities requiring an engineering degree than graduates available to fill those positions," Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director said in a statement. "That drives salaries up."

How far up? Check out the five most lucrative college majors and their respective average starting paychecks:

  1. Petroleum engineering ($83,121)
  2. Chemical engineering ($64,902)
  3. Mining engineering ($64,404)
  4. Computer engineering ($61,738)
  5. Computer science ($61,407)

For all undecided coeds, at least there is room at the top: of the 1.5 million bachelor's degrees offered to the class of 2007, only 450 were in petroleum engineering.

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