Chilean Earthquake: Time Thief?


The IRS probably will not accept it as a legitimate reason for an extension this year, but it’s actually true: the Chilean earthquake has stolen a tiny fraction of your time this year, and every year moving forward. Which means you have less time to prepare your taxes.

As reported by CNN, “The massive earthquake that struck Chile on Saturday may have shifted the Earth's axis and created shorter days, scientists at NASA say.”

The 8.8 magnitude quake shifted amounts of rock and material large enough to change “the distribution of mass on the planet.” This changes the planet’s rate of rotation—and the Earth’s rotation speed is what dictates our entire time system and the 24-hour day.

According to CNN, each day moving forward on Earth “should be 1.26 microseconds shorter.” A microsecond is one-millionth of a second, or one-thousandth of a millisecond, so this is unlikely to cause any real chaos. The earthquake has wrought enough of that already.

It is one more confusing science thing for Rick Sanchez to freak out about, though.

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