Cheap Flight Alert: 2-Day Summer Sale


Don’t wait until the end of June to plan your summer getaway. Several airlines are holding a huge sale on summer flights, and even fall flights.

USA Today reports that AirTran (Stock Quote: AAI) was the first airline to offer the deal, and soon after four other airlines including United, US Airways (Stock Quote: LCC), Delta (Stock Quote: DAL) and American followed suit. The deals are primarily on domestic flights, though you can find some cheap tickets to Aruba and Cancun in the mix too.

You do have to be clever in order to snag the best discounts. According to USA Today, “Tickets have to be purchased by midnight Thursday for travel through Nov. 16. There are blackout dates around Memorial Day and other holidays. And travelers may have to do some digging to find the lowest fares, particularly in July, or when flying cross-country.”

Still, we found some great deals on AirTran for one-way flights from New York to Los Angeles for $94 or to New Orleans for $99 (I think New Orleans is cool enough to justify the extra 5 bucks.) You can also fly from pretty much any city in the U.S. to Cancun for less than $125 one way. With US Airways, you can fly from Chicago to the Bahamas for just $106 one-way. And on Delta, we found a deal on a flight from Atlanta to Columbus, Ohio for just $59.

For more flights and information, check out the sites for Air Tran, US Airways, American Airlines and Delta.

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