Chase Website Outage: The Aftermath


Angry customers took to Twitter to tell Chase what they thought of its service — or lack thereof — when its website went down this week.

For JPMorgan Chase (Stock Quote: JPM), it was the best of times and the worst of times, at least when it came to technology.

The bank’s online services were down Monday night, and all of Tuesday and Wednesday. And as a result, customers were unable to check balances on the Web and on mobile devices, or pay any bills online.

Twitter, on the other hand, was working just fine, and Chase customers didn’t hesitate to tweet up a storm over their frustration.

“%$#^ You Chase, fix this %^$#!!!”, tweeted BlitzKRT on an MSNBC chat room on Wednesday. “Better not hit me with a late fee when I can’t pay online,” twittered RoxieKat on the same site.

Not that Chase seems all that upset. A visit to the bank’s home page Wednesday night and Thursday morning revealed no news or acknowledgment of the problem — even as many of the bank’s 16.5 million online customers took to their mobile devices to complain.

Chase customers attempting to log on to the site were greeted with the message, “our website is temporarily unavailable.” But no updates or messages redirected customers to the bank’s ATM network or phone services.

The meltdown started on Monday night at 8 p.m. and continued for about 60 hours. Chase online users could log on to the site as of 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday. And thankfully, the network blackout didn’t affect the bank’s ATM services or its telephone banking services. Both were up and running throughout the week.

Chase did release a statement saying that “at no time” were customers’ personal financial data was at risk. The bank then blamed a third-party software company for the blackout, noting that ongoing maintenance had corrupted the site.

While Chase did apologize to its network of users, customers had to cool their heels and wait for the bank to get the site up and running. The Associated Press cited Chase customer Michael Carney, a Chicago-based small business owner who couldn’t receive payments from customers while the site was down.

"I do all my payments online and not to have access to my account to pay simple things, or check my account disrupts everything," said Carney. "It's even more frustrating that Chase isn't telling me what's going on.”

While Chase does have an active Twitter presence, no mention was made on the bank’s Twitter network that the online service was working again. That oversight likely won’t boost Chase’s reputation for customer service, or do much for its online banking reputation.

As julesvern97 wrote, “The Chase Bank online banking outage is why I like banking locally and not relying solely upon an online bank.”

That’s not the message Chase wants to hear from its customers. But this week, it can only blame itself.

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