Casey Anthony Scam Spreads on Facebook


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Casey Anthony, whose murder trial and eventual acquittal inexplicably captivated the nation, has become the basis for the latest Facebook scam.

Naked Security, the blog of network security firm Sophos, observed over the weekend that the latest scam spreading on Facebook is a link to what is allegedly a video of Anthony confessing to her daughter’s murder. Clicking on the link brings up a window that tricks you into automatically sharing the link with your Facebook friends, thus spreading the scam before you’ve even had a chance to view the video.

Of course, the video never materializes. You’re brought to a fake YouTube page that requires you to fill out a survey, from which the perpetrators of the scam receive a commission. The video itself never actually delivers what it promises, and common sense dictates that if there’d been such a development in a high profile criminal case, you’d be hearing about it on the news, not from your buddy on Facebook.

The good news is that clicking the link doesn’t install any spying software or other malware on your computer, which can sometimes be the case with strange links. Still, we don’t like the idea of a child’s death being used to enrich scammers, and we’re sure you hate the idea of unwittingly perpetuating such a scam. So if you see a video entitled “Breaking News – Leaked Video of Casey Anthony Confessing to Lawyer!” don’t click on it, and consider commenting on the post to inform your friend and anyone else reading about the true nature of the scam.

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