Career Killers: 5 Things to Avoid at Work


Worried about layoffs? Many are more cognizant of poor behaviors at work that may cause them to be considered for dismissal when financial cuts are made. Do you have any bad habits that might be causing your boss to look at you in a poor light? Here are some career killers that can put your job in jeopardy and should be avoided at all costs:

1. Tardiness
If you are chronically late, you are showing your boss that you don’t care enough about your job to get to work on time. Even if you have family concerns or medical issues, constantly showing up late is enough to make any company reconsider your worth as an employee. If your lifestyle simply doesn’t permit you to get to work at a reasonable hour, you might consider negotiating for flex time several days a week to ensure that you are where you need to be on time.

2. Inappropriate Attire/Hygiene
You don’t have to be a fashion expert in order to be a smart corporate dresser. In most business settings, conservative wear is better than trendy clothing. However, you should take your cues from your bosses and other co-workers. If jeans are the norm, then wear jeans. However, if everyone else is in a suit, you should dress the part as well.

Proper hygiene is actually much more of a problem in offices than most people realize. Be sure your breath is always fresh and that you are properly groomed before arriving to work. Keeping your hair and nails trimmed is imperative to maintain a professional appearance.

3. Selfishness
If you’re not a team player, you won’t get very far in most companies. These days, many projects are completed as part of a team effort. You should be able to effectively delegate responsibility when necessary and follow directions when the situation calls for such behavior.

4. Lying/Gossiping
You don’t want to be the one that everyone knows as the office gossip. Especially in very political companies, you want to be trustworthy and friendly. If people see you as a liar or instigator, they are less likely to trust you or your work.

5. Ineffectiveness

Are you effective in your job? The goal in any economy is to make yourself indispensable so that your company can’t do without you. This is ultimate job security. However, if you don’t complete tasks effectively or your work is less than stellar, you might be putting your position at risk. A good way to test your effectiveness is to objectively examine the last group project you worked on. Without your effort, would the project have been successful? Did people rely on your work in order to complete tasks? Were you praised for your contribution? If none of these things are true, you might consider seeking more training or stepping up your efforts to make more of an impact.

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