Cannabis Seed DNA Sequencing Business Blooms


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The inventor of pre-Alzheimer's EEG testing and the eForex trading platform has launched a biotech company poised to enlighten growers, physicians and consumers about the intricacies of cannabis seeds and strains.

"It's an organic extension of all technologies which we have been developing for more than 15 years in artificial intelligence, EEG and DNA," said Boris Goldstein, who launched PotBotics in October 2013. "We want to help patients get better consulting and advice when considering medical Marijuana."

A division of PotBotics, BrainBotics will license EEG hardware to doctors and give feedback through a centralized location.

"It's a helmet that helps physicians who prescribe marijuana to make better informed decisions through the EEG scanning of alpha brain waves of the patient," Goldstein told MainStreet. "The software reads the images that the helmet provides. Doctors can then use the information to prescribe a more specific strain of cannabis for different ailments."

Another division of the company is NanoPot, a DNA diagnostics service of cannabis seeds for the purpose of providing growers with customized grow plans that include irrigation, lighting and UV filters.

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"There are hundreds of pot strains from hybrids, hydroponics and outdoor growing," said David Goldstein, director of communications with PotBotics. "Our clients will get a fully integrated growth plan that can raise their yield of cannabis by 20%."

PotBotics will be listed on the penny stock exchange in four to five months upon the completion of the acquisition of an existing medical company listed on the Over the Counter (OTC) Bulletin Board.

"There is added value in the medical company we are acquiring," said David Goldstein. "We are building a stronger management team with board members and investment bankers supporting this merger."

Ever the skeptic, penny stock trader and entrepreneur Timothy Sykes is leery.

"PotBotics is looking to go public the back door route in order to get the marijuana-related company boost that all public companies in this sector are currently enjoying," said Sykes, whose accounts are up 77% since January 1, 2014. "I caution investors to distrust companies that go public in this fashion as the highest odds of success are to invest in companies with proven management and large cash positions."

Boris Goldstein joins the mad dash to commercialize cannabis from the biotech industry where he founded Brain RX and Visisys. In 1993, the inventor also created the world's first online forex trading platform.

"We're the first biotech company to merge robotics and artificial intelligence with cannabis," he said. "We're elevating cannabis with a more streamlined process for prescribing, growing and consumer selection."

DNA sequencing is necessary because there are thousands of different compounds in a cannabis plant, according to Joseph Friedman, a pharmacist in Illinois, who is excited about PotBotics.

"If you look at the science of pot and how it affects the human body, there are systems within the brain and body that are perfect receptors for cannabis compounds, which can alleviate seizures and pain and other ailments," Friedman told MainStreet. "Sequencing can pinpoint the real inducible compounds and cause cannabis plants to produce a high concentration of the most useful."

Currently, PotBotics is considering investment offers that are on the table from multiple investors in the oil and gas industries as well as doctors and the medical realm.

"Our application of nano and EEG technology is innovative and no one has yet tried to pursue this particular use of it," Boris Goldstein said. "EEG scans are being used for pharmaceutical testing by a plethora of companies but no one is applying it to cannabis."

--Written by Juliette Fairley for MainStreet

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