Cannabis Investors, Entrepreneurs and Wannabes Set to Descend on Denver


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Representatives from the biotech company PotBotics are gearing up to attend the ArcView Investor Network in Denver to introduce their products and technology to the cannabis industry's top players.

"Networking and brainstorming with other marijuana industry professionals can lead to fruitful partnerships," said David Goldstein, director of communications with PotBotics.

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"We're looking for partnership opportunities with investors and fellow entrepreneurs," Goldstein told MainStreet. "As a growing industry we need to work with each other to adapt to the changing legal and regulatory frameworks."

More than 200 high net worth investors looking to invest in marijuana companies are set to meet up on Monday June 23 where select entrepreneurs will pitch accredited investors in a "Shark Tank"-like forum.

Featured speakers include Surna CEO Tom Bollich, Articulated Investor's Jake Schrader and Dutchess Capital co-founder Doug Leighton.

"My panel of industry leaders and consultants will discuss the latest technologies in the cannabis industry and how they can lead to increased yields and lower costs for growers," Bollich told MainStreet.

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Surna develops climate cooling systems mainly for growers.

"It's important for everyone in this industry to participate in events that support a responsibly regulated model for cannabis and that's why we're attending," said Tae Darnell, Surna's vice president and general counsel. "We anticipate working with these leaders over the year, sharing what works and what's been ineffective. These kinds of conferences serve as incubators for good ideas."

While the ArcView Investor Network will take place in the Helen Bonfils Building at the Denver Center of Performing Arts, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) launches it's first CannaBusiness Summit at the Colorado Convention Center on June 24 and 25.

"There is a lot of overlap in attendees," said Leslie Bocskor, investment banker and entrepreneur with Electrum Partners. "I can easily imagine both investors and presenters from ArcView staying for CannaBusiness and learning a tremendous amount. The difference is that NCIA is making it easy for those with specific areas of knowledge to codify and share that knowledge with those who need and want it."

Some 800 people are expected to attend CannaBusiness.

Gaia Colorado CEO Meg Sanders describes the summit as the place to be if you're in the cannabis field or want to be.

"It's going to be full of people that are well respected in the industry from an investor perspective," Sanders told MainStreet. "We have a vested interest in attending and being a resource if necessary. It's an opportunity to be in one room where leaders in the industry mix, mingle and catch up."

Topic oriented tracks at the NCIA event include Cannabusiness 101, Advanced CannaBusiness, Ancillary Services and Products and Cannabis Policy and Reform.

"The ArcView Investor Summit is specifically about businesses raising capital and the investors who are interested in knowing about them while the first annual NCIA business summit is focused on currently established businesses, strategic knowledge and building relationships," said Bocskor, who is a member of both organizations.

--Written by Juliette Fairley for MainStreet

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