Buy an iPod Touch, Get $40 at Best Buy


NEW YORK (MainStreet) –  The newest iPod Touch, which went on sale in September, is undoubtedly one of the hottest gadgets of the holiday season, and it’s also one of the most expensive. It starts at $229.99 for the 8 GB model, and because it is so in-demand, we haven’t seen retailers discount it often. Amazon sells the 8 GB model for $214.99 (and the 32 GB model for $269.99, a $30 value), but that’s about the best you’re going to do.

Still, some retailers are taking a different tactic: Offer the iPod at normal price and bundle it with a free gift card. The best of this type of deal we’ve seen was on Black Friday, when Toys R Us offered the 8 GB model with a $50 gift card to its store. That deal is long gone, but Best Buy almost matches it by bundling every regularly priced iPod Touch with a $40 gift card to its store (even better than its Black Friday deal, when the store bundled the item with a $30 gift card). Simply visit the Best Buy website, select your model (the 8 GB for $229.99, 32 GB for $299.99 or 64 GB for $399.99), then add the gift card.

So, if you think you’ll actually use the Best Buy gift certificate (or can sell it to another shopper), this is a great deal. However, Best Buy is not the only retailer throwing in a gift card - through Dec. 18 Amazon is adding a $25 gift card to their already-discounted iPod Touch purchases. That's equivalent value to the Best Buy deal if you're getting the 8 GB model, and a whopping $55 total value if you get the 32 GB model.

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