Bridal Frenzy Fueled by Century's Final Iconic Date


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Susan Azizo is planning to marry her fiancĂ© David Shapiro in the fall. Although the 33-year-old would have liked a winter wedding, she settled on a date in September so that her groom's mother who lives in Florida could avoid the cold weather in New York.

"Our wedding dates were limited because of the Jewish holidays and September 11, so we chose September 7," Azizo told MainStreet.

Experts say that choosing a wedding date is one of the most important decisions a couple will make since it's a day that will be remembered forever. Some go so far as to choose a symbolic wedding date, such as December 13, 2014.

"David's Bridal has been tracking weddings that fall on iconic dates and we believe that 12-13-14 will be monumental as it falls on a Saturday during the holiday season," said Brian Beitler, executive vice president and chief marketing officer with David's Bridal. "We have seen an increase in brides registering in our stores to marry on this date, because it truly is the last iconic date we will see in this century."

And wedding date numerology is a popular way for couples to make their big day more distinctive.

"Couples select iconic dates for a variety of reason," Beitler told MainStreet. "They like that it's unique, they have an affinity for numbers, the date has a special meaning or it is easy to remember."

Azizo isn't as concerned about marrying on an iconic date as she is about whether to change her name from Azizo to Shapiro.

"I'm an older bride who has been using her maiden name for so long that I may very well keep it for business purposes," said Azizo, who is an accessories designer.

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