Borders Launches E-Publishing Platform


Look out Barnes & Noble (Stock Quote: BKS) and Amazon (Stock Quote: AMZN), Borders is launching its own (Stock Quote: BGP) self-publishing platform called “Borders Get Published.” 

Powered by BookBrewer, the service will be available Oct. 25 and will enable authors to publish and sell e-books through Borders’ eBook store, as well as competitors like Amazon.

As we've previously reported, e-book sales are heating up and according to the American Association of Publishers, comprised 9.03% of consumer sales in August, with a 193% increase in overall sales since the same time last year. Hardcover sales, meanwhile, continue to slide.

According to eBook Newser, a blog that covers the e-book industry, “There are two tiers of pricing for those looking to get published –$89.99 and $199.99. Under the basic package, BookBrewer will assign the book an ISBN and make it available to major eBook stores at a price set by the writer. Royalties will be based on sales and will vary with each retailer. The higher priced package comes with a full version of the ePub file, that authors can share with friends, family and press and submit to other eBook stores.”

“Borders is doing something really smart by offering a package option that gives you complete ownership of the resulting file so you can distribute it via other eBook stores besides their own,” says Kelly Kingman, an expert whose consulting company, Stickyebooks, helps authors create and sell e-books. “This allows you to take the resulting ePub file to the iBookstore and any number of other e-book retail sites, and for authors this kind of visibility is key.”

But before you send off that manuscript, hold the presses. “As with any service that offers quick and easy e-book publishing, sometimes it tempts people to take shortcuts in the editing and proofreading process,” Kingman warns. “Just because e-book publishing can give you immediate gratification as an author, care should be taken with each step to ensure that you'll have a competitive product.”

For more on the ins and outs of publishing e-books, check out this MainStreet article.

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