Blog Roundup


The blog world is buzzing with personal finance advice. Check out some of today’s most interesting posts:
All Financial Matters ( receives an email from Joan Soatkin, the author of "Build Your Money Muscles", and examines whether money will improve your life.
With the stock market in turmoil, Millionaire Mommy Next Door addresses how she's juggling her portfolio.
Nina at Queercents wonders if two working families are happier.
Can I Get Rich on a Salary dicusses a recent article about the upper middle class and wealthy investing in real estate.
Has chronic lateness ever affected your pay? Finance Gets Personal discusses the cost of lateness.
Green Panda Tree House talks about cutting the cable bill.
The Writer's Coin is content without all the money in the world.
I Will  Teach You To Be Rich discusses how an education investment can raise your salary.
The Writer's Wallet asks how to divide the bill.
Escape Brooklyn wishes you a Happy Tax Freedom Day.

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