The Best French Fries for the Buck


Consumer Reports has trained its eye on french fries, and the venerable product reviewer tells us how the top fast food chains have fared since removing trans-fats from their food.

CR certifies that Wendy’s (Stock Quote: WEN), McDonald’s (Stock Quote: MCD) and Burger King (Stock Quote: BKC) have all gotten rid of the trans-fats, but they still rate the fries at Wendy’s and McDonald’s as “very good.” Burger King fries are just “good.”

They go on to say that Wendy’s fries have “big potato flavor,” though, “a little more browning would make them better.”

McDonald’s fries, they say, are “very flavorful, with crispy texture, but could be more potato-y.”

Got it. Crispiness is important… as is potato-ness.

Also, keep in mind that Wendy’s fries have more calories and fat than McDonald’s, and Burger King’s fries have more than both.

For more details, check out the Consumer Reports story here.

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