The Best Commercials of 2010


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Consumers usually prefer to fast forward through commercials if possible, unless of course that commercial features Betty White.

The beloved Golden Girls actress earned the top spot on Nielsen’s list of the best commercials of 2010, based on surveys of viewers throughout the year.

The winning ad (seen above) was a Snickers commercial that featured White playing tackle football with a group of guys only to transform into a man herself after, you guessed it, eating a Snickers bar.

The ad aired during the Superbowl and has since been viewed millions of times on YouTube and other video sites.

Target came in second on the list with a commercial for smoke detectors that spoofed the popular TV series Lost. And the maker of M&Ms took third place for its commercial that featured a husband fighting some various combative candies.

In fact, most of this year’s list was dominated by candy advertisements from Snickers (two winners), M&Ms (three winners) and Starburst (one winner).

But it’s notable to see which companies failed to make the list. For all the buzz around their products this year, neither Apple nor Google seemed to produce a hugely popular commercial.

It’s also surprising to see the Old Spice commercials left off this list, given how quickly they went viral online. I certainly think they deserve an honorary mention here, at the very least.

What was your favorite commercial from this year? Let us know in the comments section!

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