The Bank of Lost Love


When you pass along a love note to your high school sweetheart, or buy jewelry for your spouse, you probably don’t think much about the pain it could cause them later if you split up. I certainly don’t.

However, for some intense romantics out there, sentimental items like these can easily turn into emotional baggage that are too painful to look at, but impossible to throw away. For others, unearthing a love letter from an old flame could quickly extinguish your current relationship.

So what exactly can you do with these radioactive items?

One young entrepreneur has come up with an unusual business that is either the solution for dealing with old love, or just a get rich quick scheme that tries to prey on the desperate. Most likely it's a bit of both. The business is called the Dinosaurs Love Bank, or as some have dubbed it, the Bank of Romance. Essentially, it’s a storage place for people’s romantic possessions.

(Interestingly, this bank didn’t pop up in a romantic city like Paris or New York, but rather in Beijing. I’m not saying that people in Beijing are heartless, but from an outside perspective, the city seems about as romantic as Detroit.)

The Dinosaurs Love Bank opened a month ago and was the brainchild of Gong Yelong. According to, Gong noticed that many of his friends struggled over what to do with their possessions from previous relationships. Since opening the store, Gong has had about 40 customers, most of whom, he says, are women under 30.

Gong has even set up a price list for customers. If you want to store inexpensive items like photos and letters, it costs 10 Yuan a month (about $1.50). Meanwhile, more expensive items like jewelry could cost as much as 10,000 Yuan each (about $1,460.) No customers have signed up for the latter plan yet, most likely because the price is ridiculous and also, as Yelong himself admits, he needs to build up more consumer confidence first.

Still, dozens of customers have felt comfortable enough to deposit incredibly personal items, both by mail and in person.

From ChinaDaily: “Inside Gong's small store, located in the Beijing International Creative Park in Guloudajie, stand two shelves loaded with cups, toys, books and wallets. On the top of the shelf there is a large toy snake with a note attached to it: ‘Your love entangles me so tight that I cannot breathe; if you love me, please give me some space.’"

Sounds less like a bank and more like a museum of lost, crazy love.

Personally, I’m content just throwing my things in the attic. I get the comfort of knowing my love notes still exist, and the even greater comfort of knowing I would never be able to find them even if I wanted to.

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