Bank of America Web Site Down - FAIL (Again)


UPDATE 4:11 p.m. ET: Bank of America's consumer banking web site now appears to be up... for some people here on MainStreet. Others, not so much. The bank has bigger problems, though, like these unhappy (and vocal) customers.

Hapless banking giant Bank of America Corp. (Stock Quote: BAC) is sure to be the LOLcat of the Internet this afternoon. The company’s consumer banking site,, is down at time of publication and unavailable. The mobile version this morning was sluggish as well, although that might have more to do with my iPad Nano’s terrible cell coverage than with BofA.

But don’t worry, people. It’s not like you need access to their Web site to check your balance and move money between accounts or anything. Just get your butt to an actual branch.

Bank of America: Angering customers. Angering Washington. Angering the Internets. That’s a winning triple play if I’ve ever heard one.

Bank of America isn’t saying much. How could they? Their Twitter page, however, seems to indicate they’re in complete denial or are confusing the company intranet with the Internet. They posted the following tweet at 2:37 p.m. ET: “We are aware some customers are experiencing access issues. Tech team is working diligently to resolve as quickly as possible.”

If by some customers, you mean everyone...

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