Are There ANY Jobs for Recent Grads?


As CNN Money has reported, “hiring for graduates will remain near its lowest level in decades after [a] 40% plunge last year.”

Hiring of graduates will decline by 2% next year, according to a recruiting trends survey done by Michigan State University. Master’s degree grads will see 11% less openings next year, “based on a weaker labor market for accounting students.”

Jobs for Ph.D.s, however, is something of a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy environment: they are expected to see a 20% “spike” in jobs next year, and MBA graduates will similarly see an 11% increase in job opportunities.

There are two other positive predictions for next year. First off, sounds like small companies will be hiring more in 2010: “Employers with fewer than 500 staff members said they expect hiring at their companies to jump by 15%. These companies will hire 11 new graduates on average in 2010, and 8 of them will be at the bachelor's level.”

Secondly, if you are lucky enough to have majored in environmental science or statistics, “job opportunities will climb by 6% and 11%, respectively.”

Areas with job growth

According to the survey’s results, “job opportunities in the South Central will rise by 6%, in the Northwest by 4% and in the Southwest 2%.”

What about openings in other areas of the country? Their numbers “will still sag,” unfortunately.

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