ApplyMate: A New Way to Track Your Job Applications


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The only thing worse than being turned down for a job you applied to is realizing you didn’t get the position because you forgot to apply in time. One new online tool hopes to prevent job hunters from making this mistake., a free Web application that launched earlier this year, helps users create a schedule of their job applications by the date each one is due and what stage in the interview process the user is at for each position. The service also works for college applications, but it’s the career features that may be most needed at the moment.

Perhaps in a better economy, one might be forgiven by potential employers for being a little late with submitting an application, but with more than 14 million people unemployed and looking for work, the competition is too great to allow for even the smallest mistakes. Moreover, given that millions of Americans have been out of work for six months or longer and have applied to dozens, if not hundreds of jobs, chances are some could use the extra help in keeping all those applications organized.

ApplyMate is incredibly simple to use and functions like most online calendar features. All the user has to do is enter in the name of the position he or she is applying for along with the date that the application is due, and the app will add it to your dashboard. From there, the user can update the status of the application to indicate whether it has been submitted, accepted or rejected. If the application is accepted and the candidate gets an interview, ApplyMate lets the user store contact information for the interviewer and notes about the process along the way.

The app’s best feature is undoubtedly that it emails users to remind them to finish their application by the due date and to follow up with the company after the application has been sent. If that’s not enough to keep the user on track, the service also lets users set goals for how many job applications they want to submit by a certain date. That said, we were surprised that ApplyMate doesn’t let the user store his or her cover letter and resume for each job to serve as a one-stop reference point throughout the application process.

Still, the beauty of ApplyMate is that it effectively functions like a personal manager forcing you to keep up with your goals while hunting for jobs. One of the main difficulties that job hunters inevitably face during the application process is the realization that they are forced to manage all of this themselves. After all, there is no boss who will hound you about taking too long to complete your complete a job application. Now, the job hunter has a little extra help doing that.

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