Apple’s Store Employees Bring in Big Bucks


NEW YORK (MainStreet) –  The average Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) retail store has more than 100 employees, from “geniuses” providing tech help to iPad-toting, roving cashiers. And it looks like Apple is getting its money’s worth from these hordes of blue-shirted staffers.

Using publicly available sales figures organized by, technology analyst site Asymco decided to look at just how much Apple employees were really contributing to the bottom line. With some simple arithmetic, Asymco president Horace Dediu found that the stores brought in about $481,000 per employee in 2010. That compares favorably to the technology retail sector as a whole, which on average brought in about $388,000 per employee in 2009.

Through the first three quarters of 2011, those per-employee numbers are a bit down, with the store currently on pace to pull in a little more than $425,000 per employee during the course of the year. But keep in mind that the fourth quarter came with the launch of the new iPhone 4S, which is surely bringing more customers into the store. In a separate post, Dediu predicts that Apple will need to sell about 39 million iPhones in the fourth quarter to keep pace with the usual 100% year-over-year growth seen in the company’s flagship smartphone. As such, we imagine Apple employees will more than pull their weight through the end of the year.

As a final tidbit, the analysis also looks at how valuable the customers are to Apple. According to the site, Apple’s retail stores see foot traffic to the tune of 250 million customer visits per year. And despite the fact that many visitors are just there to get technical help from the Genius Bar, the average visit still generates around $45 for the company.

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