Apple Nabs Best Tech Support Title


Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of its subscribers to determine which company has the best tech support for laptop and desktop computers. Those surveyed were asked to evaluate six of the major computer manufacturers on their ability to "solve their problems, the communication and knowledge of phone support staff, how long they were placed on hold, and the quality of the company's online support."

Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) took the top spot in both categories and, as CNET points out, the company had an even higher customer rating for desktops than laptops. That may surprise some since the company tends to be associated more with its portable devices these days than their desktops.

Following Apple, there was a tie for second place between Lenovo and Toshiba. Dell (Stock Quote: DELL) ended up in third place, and even though this may be a bad sign for their ability to compete with Apple’s products, it may actually be a kind of victory for the company since their tech support (and really the entire company) has been struggling for years.

There was a three-way tie for last place between Acer, Gateway and eMachines. The fact that Apple’s tech support is so good, while Acer’s ranked so poorly could have some impact now that Apple is finally rolling out the iPad, a device designed partly to compete against existing netbooks, a market currently dominated by Acer.

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